An artisanal approach to agave spirits

Cascahuín: an artisanal approach to agave spirits

Welcome tequila enthusiasts! Get ready to dive deep into the world of Cascahuín tequila, a brand that has enticed the palates of tequila connoisseurs worldwide. Our spotlight shines not only on the exceptional spirits they produce but on the rich history woven by the Cascahuín family. To get better acquainted we sat down with a Cascahuín sales expert who shared insights into the brand's ethos, intricate craftsmanship and story of the brand.

The Story

Cascahuín was established in 1904. Distilled in the “Agave landscape gate” of El Arenal, Jalisco, it has been transcending barriers for over four generations, garnering along the way a dedicated and impassioned following of consumers and tequila aficionados alike due in part to the unique melange of flavours, aromas and passion that are put into every bottle. It is a brand that has always encouraged one to fully envelop oneself in the work of its craft, exploring and enjoying the vast landscape of tequila iterations that it has dedicated over a century towards crafting and perfecting. One of the most impressive aspects of Cascahuín is their unwavering focus on producing tequilas that capture the true spirit of Mexico. Their attention to detail in every step of the production process, from harvesting the agave to distillation and aging, is a testament to their dedication to creating tequilas of unparalleled quality and flavour. Cascahuín's overall commitment to preserving the time-honoured techniques of tequila production is truly admirable. In a world where mass production often takes precedence, Cascahuín stands out by valuing traditional methods that have been passed down through generations. This dedication not only pays homage to Mexico's heritage but also results in tequilas that embody the true essence of the spirit.

The Catalogue

The Catalogue

Cascahuín's product lineup is home to a broad range of meticulously crafted expressions, each capturing the essence of time-honoured traditions and innovation. Starting with their foundational offerings, the journey begins with the Blanco, with its crisp, herbal notes and a touch of peppery zest. The Reposado follows, a harmonious blend of agave character and gentle oak aging, resulting in a balanced symphony of flavours that dance across the palate. The Añejo, on the far end, is a testament to patience and artistry, spending ample time maturing in barrels to achieve a refined complexity marked by deep caramel and vanilla undertones. However, it's the Tahona Series that truly showcases the brands commitment to preserving tradition and elevating authenticity. This lineup, consisting of separate Blanco, Reposado, and Extra Añejo profiles, is a homage to the past, carefully crafted using more meticulous and tradition-oriented techniques to yield a richer, more robust flavour profile. Beyond the core range, Cascahuín's innovation shines through in its special-edition releases; The French-oak aged Extra Añejo presents an intriguing blend of Mexican heritage and European craftsmanship, as the tequila ages gracefully in French oak barrels. Their “Plata 48%” offers a bolder take on their classic Blanco expression, perfect for those seeking an elevated and more poignant experience. In a market bustling with choices, Cascahuín stands out not only for its exceptional tequilas but also for its diverse and innovative product range. With each bottle we are invited to savor the result of passion, tradition, and a genuine commitment to creating tequilas that resonate deeply with both the present and the past. Their almost painstaking dedication to crafting spirits of remarkable quality that thoroughly honour the rich heritage of tequila production sets them apart from the rest. For anyone seeking a tequila experience that transcends the ordinary, Cascahuín is an outstanding choice for beginners and experts alike.

*Cascahuín is currently available at our Calgary and Banff locations.